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• 每年的产量小于100个电池芯,电池和电池组合体的运输。对这类电池,可以不做UN38.3测试,只要包装满足:①I类包装;②有内包装,有衬垫包裹,有坚固的外包装,防止短路;③有抗碰撞的外壳,有坚固的外包装,防止短路。
Transport of the low production of cell, battery and battery assembly. Whose production quantities are less then 100pcs annually. Which don’t need to meet the requirement of UN38.3 .Provided that the package meets the condition…

• 对大锂电池其自身重量大于400kg,无法满足包装说明903,必须要主管当局批准。提案要求在包装说明903中增加大容量包装,并明确这类包装只能用于单个电池和单个设备。
The regulation should have a large capacity of package for the batteries ,Whose net weight is more than 400kg .Add package instruct 903. Propose the package must get approval of competent authority and use only for single battery or equipment .

• 提案是建议增加生产厂家的质量控制程序,只要企业内部的,不需第三方认证,以确保生产的电池或电池组和已通过测试的样品一致。
Proposal on adding the quality management system to cell or battery manufacturer ,which is not necessary to be certified by third party .In order to make it consistent between test sample and product.

• 定义了损坏了的锂离子电池和锂金属电池的运输条款和特殊规定,明确是指大于500克的电池。特殊规定阐述了电池的状况。
Provide the entry and special provision for damaged lithium ion battery , which is special for the battery of more than 500g .Set out the battery condition in special provision .

• 运输损坏的或不良的锂电池,对损坏的或不良的锂电池做了定义,并提议包装说明P9XX和LPXXX,对特殊锂电池还有一个包装说明。
Transport of damaged or defective lithium battery. Make a definition for this kind of battery .Propose the P9XX and LPXXX . There is a package instruct for special battery .

• 认为手电筒式火机含有锂金属电池,不完全适用于现有的UN1057“易燃液打火机”或者UN3091“设备内置的锂金属电池”的分类,问分委会规章范本中有没有适合运输手电筒式打火机的规定,如果没有英国将写工作文件。
“Torch” cigarette lighter contains lithium battery. Which do not appear to fit readily under the existing classification for either UN1057 "Lighters containing flammable gas" or UN3091 "Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment". If so , United Kingdom will produce a working paper
• 通过和其他几个标准中应用的冲击试验比对,应用USAF的报告 ASDT- 76-30中实测G值,提议修改UN38.3 T4对大锂电池的测试要求:最大加速度由50g 降为 9g。
Based on the value G in the document ASD-T-76-30 and several test specifications , Propose to change the maximum acceleration of T4 in UN38.3 from 50g to 9g

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